Don't Fret the Weather...

...when planning your next destination trip. Germany seems to have cracked the code, now claiming the ability to predict weather patterns six months into the future.

That's amazing seeing how we have so much trouble predicting temperature from day-to-day.

"...the conscientious browser would need to mentally append "with an accuracy of 3°±2°" to the temperature prediction and realize this results in a two degree span at best and a ten degree span at worst." (OmniNerd)

CustomWeather's (which owns weather prediction service own data shows the best you can hope for, with a +/-3 degree margin of error, is about 60% accuracy (between 1, 2 and 3 day forcasts). Which fits with the level of accuracy for this new, incredible technology:

"The forecast for this June in Germany: a 60 per cent likelihood it will be hotter than in an average year."

60% chance it will be hotter than average? Really? In the era of global warming? Vegas oddsmakers can do better than that. I guess I'll just keep that raincoat handy whenever I head out.


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