Of Rats and Men

"I’m not naive enough to think other people haven’t figured [their own mortality] out. But to me, it seems like most of the world is in denial about this fact.... So many more people out here are in such a hurry to make a bunch of money, have a big house, drive over rated cars, etc. They hate the rat race, but they are don’t know how to carry on from the sidelines."

I can't match Daytripper's way with words or clarity of vision, but I do echo his sentiments.

I think we all struggle at some point(s) in choosing what is truly important, and what are just distracting us from life. The past 14 months have put me through the wringer on this one...sometimes, even when you have a handle on it, the inability to convince someone else of the same can be what gets to you.

XKCD's comic for today didn't make pondering life any easier either.

Good luck. Get on some water. Got any good last-minute excuses that can get me out of work and on the stream Friday?


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