March Madness....

It's February 29th. That in itself is a bit of madness. But now we enter March...and things are getting just ridiculous.

To me March Madness has little to do with basketball...other than I generally go Mad durning the Month of March from being bombarded with basketball coverage and discussion. F basketball. I used to enjoy playing it...probably still could, despite my complete lack of skill...but watching it or even listening to commentary makes my face bleed.

No, for me, there much more important events that March signifies...all of which keep me even a little more unbalanced than usual.

-Spring is fast approaching. This means 2 things:

Fishing opportunities in general will vastly re-expand as seasons (trout) and bodies of water (ice and snow) both open; Good

Remaining winter fishing opportunities are quickly waning, which may result in this year's attempt at winter trout a complete failure; Bad

-St Patrick's Day. I'm not sure what else to say about this. Last year we had three weekends of celebrations (rather than the regular 2) due to incliment weather. I love the Irish (being less than 25%, I can't consider myself Irish); instead of canceling an even due to a blizzard, let's just hold it twice! Unfortunately, after 4 years of attending the Most Commercialized Ethnic-Holiday Celebration on the Face of the Earth, I just can't do it this year. It's a shame too, because it basically feels like an RPI multi-class reunion...not to mention everything else there is to do in NY (which is why we use this day to sit in a mall and drink our faces off?). Anyway, regardless of missin out on Manhattan this year, there will be much tomfoolery around here, of that I am sure. Guinness will flow like milk, whisky will flow like Guinness, and Irish Carbombs will abound as folk, punk and Gaelic stream from the speakers. Flogging Molly's "new" single has been on EQX nonstop it seems recently...a little pop-sounding compared to their better stuff, but it's impossible to hear Molly without getting at least a little pumped. I can't wait to forcefeed the juke with whatever bills are in my pocket over the next month.

No doubt, the month of March will be a severe test of my patience, perserverance, and certainly my liver. Really, FlyingTies' header pretty much sums it all up. I just wish all of the hard days were gone.


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