Trout Pout-ing

I'm in a bit of a funk myself...I don't really see the resemblance though, beyond the scaly skin of course.

Been months since I've seen a trout or so much as cast a fly, weeks since the green wave-splitter even took me for a float. May not be the worst of my problems at the moment, but some QT with my rod and some rubber pants would certainly brighten the mood a bit. So far work and weather have both conspired against me. So this weekend there are several simple solutions to these mid-winter doldrums (none exclusive of any of the others):

-Get serious about tying (HA!)
-Replace my rubber pants with something shiny and new
-Sit, alone, swearing at some Tullmore Dew, as the level in the bottle slowly gets lower...and lower
-Break out the big-shoes and get some snow under me
-Head up to the VT border to feed some nymphs and buggers to Battenkill boulders
-"Sort life out"
-Rando trip to CT or scenic Hamilton, NY

Over/Under for number of above goals achieved? 0.1, now taking bets. No matter which way it goes though, There Will Be Blood (I hope).

"I'm sorry Shaun"

(Well, it's 4:45 on Friday and it looks like the most likely weekend activity is none of the above. Let's replace -Rando trip... with -Work from home.)


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