Zoaring, or, Dear Joe II: F*** Gordy

5:22 PM, Sunday November 14, 2010

Dear Joe,

If Gordy doesn't catch a fish soon I'll murder him.

We seriously F'd with Karma when we designated first fish to him. Well no doubt she's gonna have the last laugh. Baulsir and I each lost 2 fish and had at least a couple more each toying with us. Meanwhile, FNG is joking that the first fish just might be the last of the trip. We'll see how funny he sounds with his throat slit. Bastard.

And what is with you not answering this morning when I called to let you know what the plan is? I mean, we're a team bro, I'm just trying to keep you apprised. What, Granny can get up at 4 to assemble a full meal but you cant even hit the speaker and let me hear you snore? WTF!?

Oh, and one more thing...guess who is bunking with Bmar this year. This trip is already falling apart. EFFF THESE BITCH ERIE STEEL, WE'RE PULLIN ALL THE STOPS TOMORROW!


7:42 PM - Addendum

Sorry I was so wound up earlier...Gramma's meatball-stuffed-shells and garlic bread really have a way of putting things in perspective. I mean, all in all, we were in an incredibly beautiful place today and actually connected with some fish. It's just frustrating, ya know? And it doesn't help sleeping next to Mr. Moan. You know what I'm talkin about. Earplugs only go so far. Well, we'll see how he likes the hike tomorrow...THE Ontario Trib. 300 vertical feet over a couple thousand; he's gonna love me, especially after today's hike:


Brian said…
hey Bmar - Me me me me me ememe memem emee mee mmem emem

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