Big Water, or Dear Joe III: Long Way Down From Here

4:00 PM, Monday November 15, 2010

Dear Joe,

Saw the Niagara for the first time ever today. Stared at Kinaideeyah for a bit. Pulled a sweet steelie. Alex said it was "doable" but there's a big difference in him saying it can be done and us being able to do it. Thousands of stairs (or at least that's what it felt like); Bmar won't stop complaining and I love it. When we got near the bottom I let him know that "I didn't want to tell you guys 'till we got down here, but there are places with easier access." At least he wasn't walking in Nate's boots of last-year. He's actually been a good sport and is willing to come back tomorrow. Gordy wants to stop in Buffalo for wings but these leftover pancakes from this morning are amazing. Baulsir got a brown today too. I think the Gordy-first-fish curse was broken 'cause I needed him to take the rod so I could jump down 6' to the water and land the fish without dying.

Today was just too cool. We may be back tomorrow but gonna stop at the shop to see what they got to say. Hey, you didn't answer again this morning when Bmar called. Oh well, check the pics:

Well...that's intimidating...

...and that's not much better....

"And we're gonna fish this...?"

"I can't believe you a-holes dragged me down know we're gonna have to walk back up eventually, right?"

"If I hook something I'm screwed."

The landing area. Seriously...this was the whole landing area. Keep in mind this water is crystal clear; 6 feet from my feet I couldn't see bottom. The boulders (to my left and the one Gordy is taking the pic from) were undercut, and the fish made good use of them in trying to evade capture. Only teamwork (frantic shouting and loud noises) enabled our success.

First fish; thanks Gordy.

2nd fish...or basically simultaneous first fish, via the Brians.

The Niagara; she's actual size but she seems much bigger to me.

P.S. Screw the Falls, I'll see them when I'm too fat/old/drunk to fish.


Alex said…
this is all very awesome
What a crazy place! Nice fish though for sure.

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