Arrival, or, Dear Joe Part I: Where's the Feesh?

6:12 PM - Saturday November 13, 2010

Dear Joe,

Where'd all the fish go? I mean, seriously.

We got in late last night...well, a couple hours earlier than last year, but still. Bmar and I had the opportunity, nay, pleasure of stopping in at Hardy's in Delevan waiting for the rest of the party. Man, what an establishment. As Bmar noted, never seen people go so crazy for Great White's version of Once Bitten, Twice Shy before. Fantastic. They even have the old-school towel rolls in the bathroom. Don't think it's ever been cleaned (towel or the bathroom). And of course, Gramma G. had a spread of pizza and I cant even remember what else waiting when we arrived, then got up at 4 to make breakfast sandwiches before we made off to the dam. I would do this trip just for the food.

Nothin' doin' fishing-wise today. We hit everything we could find above the valley. Couldn't even see a single fish where there were dozens in the open a year ago. Reports haven't been great but I was a little more hopeful than this. It was funny watching the old man toolin' around trying to keep the few random squatter off "his bank". Oh well, we'll do the valley walk tomorrow. Bmar can cuss me out all he wants but a little hike will do him good.

I think Gordy will prove to be a good addition. We've decided he will catch the first fish. He and Bmar are gonna leave off at some point to go hunting, but at least he'll never abandon us for his job and his new wife.... Remember when you were cool?

Gotta go...word is we're having pulled pork for dinner. Lets hope it brings in the piggies tomorrow. Oh man I'm so pumped...the fish will show...just gotta put in the time.


Brian said…
These are great man, first time ive seen them.

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