The Rundown...

Yeah, yeah, get off my back, I've been busy and I know there are thousands, millions probably, out there clamoring for an update.

Alex took me to the Salmon River a couple weekends ago. It was my first time out there, and it was amazing. I hooked up with a few salmon but didn't land any, and Alex still hasn't sent me the picture of the massive brown I brought to hand, but needless to say, it was a blast. Had such a good time I'm heading back out this weekend with Brian, and hopefully will meet up with a few guys from Fish with a Fly. With any luck, the crowds will be starting to thin out and the browns and steelies will be thick.

Alex fighting a king on his half-century-old glass 7 wt.

Apparently Alex is a little self conscious. Too bad he didn't have the same concern for the poor salmon (notice the torn up jaw; also notice the chartreuse egg inside the fish's mouth - see, they will bite in the rivers).

This past weekend it was time for a little getaway. I always yearn for the Adirondacks, and this would be the last chance to fish many of the ponds (trout season closes on most waters tomorrow). We hit up a not-quite-remote pond a few miles inside the park boundary. Columbus Day Weekend meant crowds, no open leantos, and a particularly obnoxious group across the water from us. But who can complain about the weekend we had? Great temps, gorgeous foliage, and (for once) a few cooperative fish. We didn't catch a lot, but enough to keep a smile on our faces, and even throw a few on the fire.

You probably can't see the little red speck that is Joe wet-wading in front of the point we camped on. You can see the colors of autumn though.

Waders are such flattering attire.

This girl was bigger than she looks. My hands are massive, I swear.

All I can say about this picture is I wish the angle was better. They don't get much prettier than this.

One of the few windless moments of the weekend.

I thought those brookies (my first ever on the fly) would be the last regular-season "trout" of the year. Luckily, I somehow managed up to Default Pool after work today for about a half hour. Once again, I didn't expect much other than to say goodbye for the season.

Is there any question why this is my favorite place to fish? I mean, besides it being literally next to the road, only 8 miles from my door....
Same vantage, downstream....

One final surprise. When I saw the beetle disappear under the water, I figured the size 18 prince nymph was hung-up. It was, on the corner of his mouth.

Who could ask for anything more?


Miss Margaret said…
Missed ya. Whatcha gonna write about during winter? Gonna hafta start ice fishing. 'Course then you'd need all different gear, huh?

PS - pretty fishie

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