The Day the Music Died...

I'm depressed.

I've spent the past six and a half months living in a fantasy dream world.

Last night, it all came crashing down.

For the first time since I broke out the gear this spring, I actually put all the fishing crap away...because for once, I honestly don't know when I'll make it out again.

It's not away for the year. I hope to make a few trips a month still. But everything just got more complicated. Daylight hours are still waning, Default is closed for the season, and the chill will be turning the bass off if it hasn't already.

Putting the gear away is like sifting through the leftovers of a failed relationship. It just doesn't seem right. This has easily been the best fishing year I've ever experienced. Diverse and successful. Fly fishing trips have seen Adirondack ponds and local lakes, trickle streams and Ontario tribs, and have brought to hand all manner of trout, bass and panfish. Trolling Ontario has brought salmon, steelhead and browns, and we filled the coolers (and our stomachs) with mackerel and bluefish in the outer-banks, not to mention tangling with a few black-tips.

It was a year of firsts, and will hopefully continue to be, as my trusty new 8 wt carries me through the fall and winter steelhead season. I have nothing to complain about, but as I think of my poor rods stuffed into that dark corner, I can't help but be saddened by the fact they linger unused.

The boss is gone...I just may have enough time for a run to a lake I haven't seen since spring. A half hour from now the rod and I will be riding down Rte 66, and the world will have meaning again.


Flying Ties said…
I understand your feelings, and the bass have turned off (at least up here), but crappie are still to be caught and trout are coming alive with the beautiful weather and cool rain.

There are tons of year round fisheries not far from you... at least within an hour. Nevermind ice fishing and the great foodbeer that comes with it.

You know that I'll be out on a weekly basis locally no matter how cold it is, shivering in my wading boots and slipping on icy rocks just for the chance to catch a stocked 12" brown. Its what the game is about, and this is just another challenge. I was skunked all last winter and goddamnit, I won't be skunked this winter too.
_gamma_ray_ said…
sniff, sniff.
FoulHooked said…
gamma, i sense the sarcasm...well said

everythings good though, had enough time in between rainshowers to grab a nice fat sunny. also learned that catching fish becomes much tougher when the fly has no hook-point. at least chance of injury is significantly reduced.
Alex said…
I hate it when you've been casting a fly for an hour, all the while missing hooksets, only to find the point is broken off...

Dude, now is PRIME time- for everything 'cept Bass- get that gear back out.
FoulHooked said… true as that may's all about time.

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