This is what happens...

Or when you drink and drive. And then flee the scene. Young lady, I hope you learned your lesson.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, it may very well be the end of the "Grandma's Car" era...damn. She's served me so well. And even with all that damage to the trunk, only one of 5 rods came out broken (spinning rod, not too upset).
Notice the jeep in the background...little miss DWI actually hit that car, and propelled it into mine...while on an uphill slope, in the vicinity of a stoplight, in a 30 mph zone. People, don't be stupid, don't drink and drive. She was real lucky she only totaled 3 cars and not someone's life.
Me, I'm pumped. I've got a big mediocre insurance check headed my way, and I've already dedicated a portion of said funds for a new spey outfit. Maybe I will have a shot at the salmon river this fall. Definitely steelheading in the winter. Happy happy joy joy. replace a car...
On a fishing note, headed to Oswego again Saturday (after no sleep again Friday night...I must be some sort of dynamo). Thankfully, Joe drove. Incredibly, Pat joined us. Fishing was a little slow, but it was a hell of an experience. Pat puked...multiple times. But we had a blast. 3 salmon and a lonely brown in the morning, 3 more salmon in the evening. And then Joe took the suicide run back to Troy. Amazing that guy. Drive from 2:30 am to 5:30 am; fish from 6 am to 12 pm; eat, drive and mini-nap from 1 pm to 3 pm; fish from 4 pm to 8 pm; drive from 9 pm to 12 am. At least he got some sleep Friday night.
Not only that, but we got our good-deed in for the weekend...towed in a family who had a breakdown about a mile plus from port. It's good to be somebodies hero.
On a personal note, Congrats to Dave & Megan! (Finally) got engaged. Had a chance to celebrate a bit with them Saturday, Sunday morning. Finally got to bed at 4 am Sunday.
And of course, what would a holiday weekend be without a little smallie action? Hit the Hudson for a couple hours yesterday with Nate and Brian. Couldn't get anything from shore (save a couple chubs) so we trolled a bit and picked up 7 or so bass...all around or under 12"...a very relaxing trip.
So that's it. It's Tuesday and I'm back at work. Had a full weekend. Now I have some shopping to do.


Nate Doyle said…
Good Weekend. I can't believe Pat chummed.

Prepare to Jive ship!

Also Sarah is working on getting the pic's of the SMB's to all of us, and she says you have to atleast give her boat credit.

Lastly, I can't believe my mom caught a fish this weekend as well.

Good Times!
FoulHooked said…
"Let what Sarah wants be done," so says the Man with the Blog.

Your mom was hilarious. For someone who claims to hate fishing she seemed to have a good time pulling that one in.
Miss Margaret said…
yo dipshit, over-tired driving is almost as bad as drunk driving.

are you sore. kinda sorry about gram's car. so funny that carl was also hit by a young lady hit & run drunk driver a few years ago. only she had to push a van and sheriff's car into his. he had been hit by a drunk in the van first. his drunk girl didn't run until she had the cuffs on. ha.

very glad everyone's ok. if you're sore at all, go get some muscle relaxers from the doc. they rock!
Anonymous said…
got to love bmar in the background
Miss Margaret said…
did you get that broken rod at llbean? wonder if they'd replace it. course, drunk chick should be the one to pay for it, just curious how that conversation with costomer service would go.
FoulHooked said…
yeah, im a bit sore...which is weird cause i wasnt in the car at the time.

who is this "bmar" person you speak of...?

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