Allergic... my office?

Maybe it's just the withdrawal from spending the entire weekend outside. Maybe it's just the fact that summer has indeed ended. Maybe it's the mish-mash of papers strewn across my desk, mocking me. Maybe it's all the organic/health food I've been eating recently.

I can't stop sneezing and my eyes are itchy.

Maybe I just want to go home.

Weekend Roundup:

Irish 2000 Fest at Altamont Fairgrounds - Why is 2000 still in the name? Anyway, spent a couple hours Friday night. The Guinness was delicious. Tossers actually showed up on time and, though the set was still short, rocked pretty well (better than last year's disappointment anyway).

Chowder Fest along Troy's Riverfront - A little warm for chowder sampling Saturday, but at least it wasn't August. What was with the country music though?

Sleeping Beauty - Rounded out the weekend by saying my final goodbyes to summer with a little hike. It certainly felt like fall. More on the trip later.


Flying Ties said…
Office Allergies, I get 'em too. Itchy eyes are the first sign. Cure? At least 4 hours on a famous local stream. Doesn't matter which one, just pick one and go. 4 hours. No breaks except to change tippet when that 6lb monster snaps your 6x like a dry corn stalk (fall referral).

No really. Spotted brown fish cure everything. I wish I could get rid of my allergies.

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