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I'm an EMS homer. I'm not ashamed. I love them. Don't gimme any of this REI bullshit. All I ever see in their catalog/fliers (which I never asked for, thank you) is overpriced gadgetry. Bean is good, even great. But when it comes to the shit you need at a price you can afford, EMS is my people.

OK, enough with the free advertisement, GoBlog tipped me off to EMS's new outdoor activity/planning site, mntnLIFE. Looks pretty cool so far. Essentially a collection of trips/trails for 9 different categories (under 3 subheadings...water, earth and snow...insert crack about using water twice).

Check out New York's hiking trails. Pretty expansive for only a couple weeks. Not so sure about the difficulty ratings just yet (Pharaoh Lake and Black Mt get the same rating as Dix, Algonquin, etc.?), but it's another resource, and it's got the potential.

Couple others I use...well...occasionally...

Summit Post - GREAT site. Gives area background, trail descriptions, often photos, maps, profiles, etc. Just for hiking though.

Views from the Top - I actually haven't used this site since they re-formatted (hey, I said occasionally). It basically lists reports and trail conditions for the Northeast, now in a forum (previously, literally, in a list of most-recently-posted).



Anonymous said…
REI is where its at

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