This One's for the Gals

You know...all those gals that read the crap I spew on here (thanks sis). Anyway, moral of the story is, try fly you end up liking it more than you thought. (For the guys, get your girl to try it...though teaching her yourself might not be best for the relationship).

"Yup! With bright pink hats and manicured nails, I am self-admittedly a ‘girly-girl’. I’m simply a woman who likes to play in the water, rather than a diva or a feminist—a serious angler in touch with my feminine side, who spends all of my free time chasing fish in the hope that they, in turn, will chase my fly. You can be certain that there are more of us out there than you might think there are..."

Please, tell me where they are. All these young, beautiful, talented, accomplished, well-versed angler-women...they're not all on the west coast are they? (Tongue in cheek...I'm sure they're out here too...just haven't had the pleasure yet.)

The one disappointment from the article...

"As in Sex and the City (only without the sex and without the city), we giggle as we hike, discussing relationships and life..." [emphasis added]

That just completely ruined the fantasy.


Margaret said…
Your female reader here, again. Are you sick of me constantly commenting? (Sorry, remember, the only person I converse with most days is the almost-three-year-old princes.)

First: the sex and the city conversation comment repelled me, too. Even I consider some topics inappropriate while fishing. My favorite part of the sport has always been enjoying the serenity of nature and that the only conversation necessary is, "beer me" and "get the net ready."

Second: yes, it woud be awesome to find a mate that shares your favorite pastime. But, I don't expect to come across a man that I'm attracted to who like to.....wait, what is my favorite pastime? OK, speaking as most girls, we don't expect to find a man that we're attracted to who loves to go clothing/shoe shopping. It does happen. There are couples who love spend all of the free time doing the same activity (no, other than that). When that happens, it's beautiful and usually amazingly annoying.

Last: Buddies are for fishing with. There are much more interesting things to do with significant others. Be happy if you find a girl who likes to sit next to you and read a book or listen to nature while you hunt the fishies.
FoulHooked said…
"the sex and the city conversation comment repelled me, too."

Obviously you missed the point I was trying to make. Perhaps you are just reading a little too much into all this.

And no...I'm not sick of you...yet. See you in a month?

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