Agent Smith was right...

...though not the compare us to (label us as?) a virus. Though malice may not be man's motivation for destruction, nature and consequence are equally ambivilent to intent.

Every decision you make matters. This weekend I am flying west to check in with my waders model. Perhaps if I cared a little more about life, I'd just send a letter.

Read Olivia Judson's piece on extinction from this week. Makes me wish I had a better way with words. Loosely pertaining to fishing;

"Certainly, we’re having an impact. For example, fishing in the northwestern Atlantic has caused population collapses in several species of great sharks — including bull sharks, blacktips, dusky sharks, hammerheads. Since 1972, scalloped hammerhead shark populations off the coast of North Carolina have fallen by 98 percent; dusky sharks, bull sharks and smooth hammerhead populations have fallen by 99 percent. By comparison, blacktips are doing well: their population fell by only 93 percent.
The population crashes have had a big knock-on effect. The vanished sharks fed on skates and rays, which have seen their populations grow by a factor of ten. Cownose rays now number 40 million, up from 4 million in 1972. These animals feed on scallops and clams; the increase in their numbers recently caused the collapse of North Carolina’s bay scallop fishery. And this isn’t even a problem we can blame on climate change."

Also related to fishing, hit Default Pool for the first time in a week last night. Brian nabbed one stockie, and I came away with a 3" chub (no jokes, please). Had a bruiser nose up to (litterally, nouch his nose to) my soft-hackle hare's ear, brown ehc, gray ehc, yellow sallie, several mayfly imitations, and even a cricket. All were refused. I'll admit, the first few times, it was pure exhiliration...but after 90 minutes of trying to change his mind, I was just frustrated. Especially when he completely left the water to chase something within 2' of my fly...for the third time.

Missed a couple smaller fish. By the time I couldn't see my parachute iso (biggest, ugliest mayfly in my box), Brian had stopped fishing already and my wrists were covered in mosquito bites. Sadly, the trout streak had ended.


Margaret said…
..And we really don't want those ray populations to grow. We don't need any more sting rays jumping out of the water and hitting women relaxing in boats. They keep doing that and the women end up hitting their heads every time and we'll be extinct soon!

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