Not in my underwear (hopefully).

Saturday was the last time I haven't been fishing. Before that...? I think it was the previous Saturday. At a minimum, I have been fishing 10 of the last 11 days, and caught trout each time out. Many (most?) of those days have been two-outing days, usually with some lunch-break sunnys and bass and afternoon/evening trout.

This is what life should be.

Hopped back in my car last night after a couple hours at the creek and found I had a visitor trying to find it's way back out. No wonder the trout have been all over the Yellow Sallys. I hadn't seen any of these guys on the stream, but I tied one on for something new, and they have definitely been interested...I'd say about half my trout this week have come on the Sally. I had no idea they were here. Sometimes you just get lucky.


Flying Ties said…
Normally your description matches my schedule but the past two weeks have been hectic to say the least.

Had a good day with Sunnies on this past Saturday (12-15 in 4 or so hours) but I was trying to catch a couple of largemouth that were hunting the baby bluegill. Smallest of the day was about 4", largest was a solid 11" hand sized bluegill on a baby bass clouser.

I've never seen a golden stone up here but see TONS and TONS of black stones all over the place.

Trout, however, have continued to out smart me. I commend you on catching a trout a day through this fairly turbulent weather. Great job!
FoulHooked said…
You flatter me, but truth be told, very few of these trout took any significant effort, and they were all caught within 50' of the road, usually wearing dress shoes (me, not the fish).

They do continue to get smarter though. Out of 30 or so looks today, only 1 was interested enough to give me a shot. Fly of choice this time being a size 10 cricket tied dave's hopper style.

11" gill! That's a good fish. All the panfish i've been catching are small (seem stunted from overpop?) and I can't for the life of me seem to interest a bass bigger than 6" or any carp, though I see dozens of them both patrolling the shallows.
Flying Ties said…
Bass pretty much have one thing on their mind right now... carp are just getting through that.

Even if the trout are right near the road, its still a trout a day... no matter the size. Ive been outsmarted by a few trout this year and it bothers me.

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