What to do...?

Weather is amazing, and I just dont know what to do about it. There is one obvious answer...go fishing. The question is what for and where? I need a trout fix. Water conditions seem to be excellent around here, but I'm just not seeing them in their usual spot. So far I've been catching lots of bass and sunfish...can't complain, but I've been dying for trout for months now. Maybe tonight I hit the lake with everything I got and hope trout are in the mix...or maybe I head to a different stream and risk another skunk. A fishless day and a half in the wilderness was not what I was hoping for this past weekend (and has simply increased the thirst), but as you can see, we had our fun.


More to come on that, but for now it's work and play...no time for internet.


Flying Ties said…
I've been fishing and scouting. A lot.

Try the public access on the Mettawee off of rt. 22. The water is right, bugs are in the air, and they just stocked it last week... Walk down stream as far as you can and keep trying those ripples. Beautiful water there. Nymphs are probably the ticket unless its obvious otherwise.

Sorry about the skunk over the weekend, but I'm not REALLY sorry, since it looks like a great place to spend a weekend.
FoulHooked said…
This weekend was amazing, so I'm not too upset.

Haven't fished the Mettawee in years...definately want to get back up there. Problem is getting up there from Latham after work...weekends are prett much chewed up right now.

Just got a few panfish during lunch, including a nice little crappie. I'll probably try for local trout this afternoon.
Flying Ties said…
The panfish haven't turned on yet up here - or, at least that I know of. The Hudson is still VERY flooded (but WARM!) so I've got another week or so before big bass.

Good luck this afternoon!

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