...repeating the same behavior and expecting different results.

That fairly well sums up where I'm at right now. Although, despite everything, I still feel I have my sanity (wait, that's another sign...), so I guess maybe it's just stupidity. How many times can you take something (say, someones words and actions) on face value, only to have it later turned upside down, before you yourself become a lost cause?

My apologies. Then again, what would this be without struggles? Like the struggle to find time to actually complete a report on the trip from 2 weekends ago?

Phuk it, it's 1:00 and raining...I'm going for a fishing break. At least you can always tell how the fish feel about what you have to offer.


Margaret said…
love ya, moron. when you trust too much, it just shows how trustworthy you are.

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