So a few too many Genny's last night put the kabash on my plans to scout a couple mountain ponds for a weekender later this month...blessing in disguise perhaps. I made the best of the situation and headed to the lake. Got my first fish of the year...then a few more. All rainbows between 11 and 15 inches. The fish were definitely chowin' down on what appeared to be midges on the surface, but I had no luck with flies (kind of tough chasing random rises across the 50 acres they were feeding under)...they all came on a 2" floating minnow, (ironically?) rainbow-parr colored.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to hit the stream for a little bit, late afternoon style. Water's still quite high, especially after this week's rain, but the winds seem to be quieting down at least.


Flying Ties said…
Congratulations on the first fish of the year. Ironically, I've spent a lot of time on streams and rivers this winter and am now looking for some open water to fish from the kayak. Everything still has at least a coating of ice on it and will for another couple of weeks I think.

Good luck on the stream today!
Shaq said…
Great day!

The stillwater can be frustrating but at least you got out!
Day Tripper said…
The wind has been playing games with me this year too.

Congrats on the first fish of the year, I'm sure there will be many more on the way
Margaret said…
Carl says: Kabash? What the f***'s a kabash? Why'd he use kabash?

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