Getting There...

Everything is in flux right now. Some things are moving faster than others.

Thanks to Joe for the time and effort programming the "random quote" application. I've got a feeling I owe him something a little more tangible as a thank you, I'll come up with something.

Right now it is displaying a variety of "inside joke" quotes and movie lines...I know, inside jokes don't translate well. In general the database needs some overhauling. Many will be added, some deleted, a few simply shortened (there is a scroll feature for anything that is a little bit long right now).

In the (hopefully) near future, FoulHooked will be going through some additional evolution. It will become pretty before your eyes. Additional browse/search functionality may be added to the quote application. And FoulHooked will discover it's very own "logo"...still working out ideas for that one. Eventually, once everything is more or less established and satisfactory, I will most likely throw a huge monkey wrench in everything by porting this over into a dedicated multi-page site. Until then, I need to focus on reestablishing FireFox compatibility.


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