Danger is my middle name...

OK, maybe that's not strictly true. Maybe Lazy would be a better moniker. I've already succeeded to fail (what?) at my goals for this page...oh well.

Made it out 3 times in the last week (hooray!). This weekend I hit up the local lake twice, trolling for rainbows and such. Saturday was a bit hairy (hence the danger) what with the wind and 1' chop (may not sound bad...but when your esteemed vessel is 10' long and 3' wide at the center support...and you have a split paddle shaft repaired with packing tape and a plastic bottle...well, you get the idea). But the wind and recent chill must have put the bite on. I only brought in 1 raibow...about a 12-incher...but had at least a dozen near misses (time to sharpen the hooks?), plus two nice pickeral and one ever-agressive sunfish.

Unfortunately, yesterday was not quite the same. The clouds had dissappeared, the wind was down, and the fish just werent enjoying the hardware. However, there was plenty of surface action (I must have seen at least six 15-18 inch trout jump completely out of the water), just not for me. If not for two overgrown shiners taking pity on my lonely gnat/blood midge tandem fly offering, i would have been skunked. Am i proud of the day's conquest...no...but I'll take what i can get...and without them i dont think my knees would have forgiven me for the 7 total hours I cramped them in the canoe for this weekend.

Last weekend was a completely different story. I knew the rain was coming. I had hoped to get some stream fishing in while it was falling. At the very least there would be time to scout the Kinderhook for some November spots. Alas, it was not to be. Saturday the rain fell hard enough to dampen my spirits too much to venture out, and my hopes of salvaging some streamtime Sunday were dashed when I saw all that rain now coursing through the river. It was too high to even think about donning the waders and going scouting...at best I would have gotten a good look at some streambead from up-close.

Tuesday I was able to get to the stream early enough in the afternoon to investigate...but the water was still high and fast, though it had cleared significantly. Two hits, no hookups, and two wader pinholes later, it was time to go home frustrated.

Once I do a little repair job, I plan on making the Battenkill my winter refuge. The Kinderhook can wait 'till next year, there's barely a month left to fish it anyway. And with the clock change, there's absolutely zero chance to get to it between work and sunset now.

And now for something completely different, Edward John Burian (aka Frankenstein, according to Brian) was born on Wednesday, October 31, 2007. Four weeks from tomorrow I head to Palm Bay to meet him. Between now and then I'll have to split time between the lake and the river i guess. My winter goal...to catch a large (15"+) stream resident brown trout (I'll settle for a bow) with snow falling around me. Weather permitting, I'll get that chance within a couple weeks when we head up to Newcomb. Indian River, be kind to me.


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