Like to fish?

Bkill recounts a couple examples of fishing taking precedent over personal health and/or safety.

Not too long ago, I was recounting these stories to a colleague. Her response?
"So. You must really like to fish."
Yeah. You could say that.

You could also say hardcore, foolish, reckless, addicted, afflicted...

We've all done stupid/reckless/dangerous things and put off other obligations to go fishing.

We've all wasted vast sums of money (relative to income) and time chasing tail(fins).

I got up at 2 yesterday morning in order to get a couple hours in on the Salmon River (nothing worth mentioning caught), in what you might call less than prime season, "on the way to work".


Why not?

I think this falls into "shit other people won't ever fully grasp about fly fishing" category. We just belong out there.


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