Got Beetle?

Ahhh yes, the never ending fight against invasive insects. The Asian long-horned beetle is making it's way to our area. It can take a heavy toll on hardwoods, affecting forestry and other natural resource industries, and, of course, recreation, not to mention the ecological toll. If you're interested in learning about the insect and how to keep an eye out for it on your property or strolls through the woods, LGA and CCE are teaming up to give presentations next week;

Emily DeBolt from the Lake George Association and Laurel Gailor from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Warren County will explain how to survey your land for forest pests, how to identify various forest insects, and what to do if you think you have found an Asian long-horned beetle.

They will be presenting a program in Lake George at the LGA office on Tuesday Aug. 11 at 7 pm and in Ticonderoga at the Town Hall on Wednesday Aug. 12 at 7 pm.

Laurel being a friend-of-the-family and one of the people who helped encourage me in pursuing the environmental field, it's always good to see her name pop up for things like this.


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