"And just like that, I was thinking about selling all of my single-handed fly rods..."

I would be remiss if I didn't give Alex at least a little flak here; I mean sure, the guy can fish, he can write, he can tie, etc., etc. But I'm seeing a little flip-flopping from Mr. "I don't need no stinking 2-hander, leave me alone all you band-wagoners!" In the end, seems like it may have been more sour grapes than anything. Musta been hard forming that D-loop with the size of the chip on your shoulder there daytripper.

And now he's playing the "This two handed business has soul" card? Baptized and confirmed? Now you're some kind of bonafide warm-and-fuzzies long-rodder (well, long-ish, it is only a switch)? Sell off your single-handers? I don't buy it and nobody else does either.

Eh, who am I to judge? Aside from the fact that I didn't try to hide my interest and admiration of the style, I guess we're in the same boat. If I were in a position to, I'd welcome you to the club. As it is, I'll be happy to stand by you on a trib any time and make your casting look even better by comparison. But not so close that you take me with you on your next spill. Sweet swinging and congrats on finding some new mojo.

And with that, I'm shortly off. Conditions don't look great but that's never stopped us before. Hopefully we'll see some wet stuff coming down while we're out.

Lock and load.


Alex said…
haha, I'm sure this won't be the last time I get to eat my words. Funny thing is, after I wrote that post yesterday, I went back and read this


Yeah, I deserve all the flack I have coming at me. Its okay, though.
FoulHooked said…
Man, if i coulda found that it woulda been included. All in good fun.

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