And there was much rejoicing...

It's sad but true; I got excited this morning when I saw the gages had climbed all the way to 20th percentile flows. It's been a long, dry summer but things look to be on the upswing...slightly. Should get at least an inch over the next couple days...there's actually a flood watch for the entire region. Could make for a great couple weeks to close the trout season.

In other news, EMS Club Days are coming up. Present your ADK (or other applicable organization...wonder if TU counts) mebership card (or sign up on the spot) and get 20% off. I got a pair of boots waayyy outside my price range on hold for Friday, unless I can convince myself they're not worth it...which would be tough. I guess this constitutes free, unsolicited advertising...but high retail prices aside, EMS has got to be the greatest outdoors shop on earth.


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