Been a lot of talk about them recently. Clams in Lake George. Carp in the Mighty Miss (and it's surrounds). Rock Snot...well, just about everywhere. It's understandable that there would be some "backlash" to all these stories...but let's keep it in perspective. The threats are real.

Daily Finance (of all places) has 10 interesting invasive stories that have had negative effects on the US economy. It's important to remember that invasives have a real, measurable and direct cost to all of us, not just the ecosystems they can malign (though...really...these things are inseparable, which somewhere down the line we will finally be forced to face the harsh realities of...but thats another discussion altogether). Of course, if the scope of the article were a little broader, I'd be forced to point out a major offender they omitted: Humans.

And no, I don't mean just our friends to the South.

But again...another issue altogether.

Except for the whole interconnectedness thing.

Hmmm...I'd better stop now before it's too late....


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