"I need those tweezer thingies!"

Last weekend's Spey Nation was pretty sweet for plenty of reasons. In addition to the event itself, it was some much needed relaxation and QT. After a short, somewhat frustrating trip to the UFZ Saturday afternoon, we stopped back on our way out of town Sunday morning.

The juvenile trout and salmon (and chubs) weren't at all put off by the sun. The only real frustration was some difficulty in hook removal. To save myself a few dozen trips up and down the bank, I handed her the hemos. With the lady distracted by dozens of hookups, the quick stop turned into over 3 hours.

Who's complaining?

Not a great angle but it's plain to see her technique is better than mine. We're still working on the wading part.


Miss Margaret said…
Still using those needle-nosed pliers you stole from me?

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