Earth Day?

Seriously...I don't know that it would have even occurred to me if not for the Hatches blogs. I mean, who has time for the earth these days?

If I had thought about things beforehand a little, Alex and that other dude would have summed up my feelings better than I could anyway. I'll just add that it's a little reminder and event to celebrate all the "right" choices we make throughout the year. And that most "actions" taken on behalf of the "environment" are much like those made "for charity." In reality, they are self-serving. It makes you feel better or helps your bottom line. It means you get to enjoy the outdoors, or see smiles, or whatever, and these are your rewards. "True" altruism is a myth. Our actions are compelled by some rewards/punishment system, regardless of how conscious we are of it. Any benefit reaped by others is simply a byproduct of our self-interest. You think the earth actually cares if we make it unlivable for ourselves? But hey...that's how things get keep it up, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Good deeds are still good deeds, and small steps are still worth celebrating. Whats best for my bottom line is best for everyone. Just gotta find the right perspective.

Me? I'm satisfied that people ( least Alex) think I "care". More significant than earth day, it's draft day, so my celebration will involve a few beers, some grilled meat, and HDTV.


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