Holiday Cheer!

Check out LLBean's sale pages for some interesting discounts. I noticed previously that the Orion series of rods and reels weren't to be found on the website and that the reels were not available in-store; looks like they were discontinued?(I'm very late on this I guess) No idea of the details (some rumblings of bad blood between Bean and Loomis, their supplier), but you can reap the benefits with half-price Orion rods online (5 wt and 8 wt only available for $130 and $150, respectively, or half-price) or check a retail store if theres one near you. Bean's "top of the line" rod with their legendary guarantee for that price...think about it.


Miss Margaret said…
If only their outlet wasn't way up there. Prolly get and even crazier deal there in another month. (Remember Gram's duck-billed rain coat? I think that was the only time I ever saw her silly.)


But, does their guarantee cover outlet items and are you headed West? You super sisters don't live that way anymore.
Troutdawg said…
Nice looking blog!

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