yet to be realized

my hand spasms, 'neath my head, from hours at the vise...or is it from another sweet tasting vice? thoughts of the day's thoughts. never time to tie. never time to write. never time to fish. no casting practice. no working on drifts. so much for tomorrow. so much yet to learn.

i drift in and out of conversations had. runs fished. runs to be fished. acorns. mudders. aquifers. karst. estaz or spawn. leech or spey. comet or intruder. conversations to be had. campfires and beers and tales of the days hardships. everything degenerates to internet message boards. and the pull.

the air is cool. she left the window open. not near cool as those october fogs. 'nor november rains. december lake effect. janebruary winds. march thaws...if we're lucky. thigh deep. still, i shiver. not in cold.

in anticipation.

the salmon stage. some have run. the trout bide time. I long.

inspiration comes at the strangest of times.


erdo said…
it's almost that time of year...the best time.

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