Hat Trick ≠ Grand Slam

Yup, I'm lazy. And busy. And would rather fish than type. But...I'm also annoyed.

When I see a report entitled "_____ River Grand Slam," be it on a fourm or blog, I get excited. I can't wait to see what species constitute the Slam. I mean, it's usually pretty easy to guess, if you know the river (even by name), but it's just cool to see.

Inevitably, though, I tend to be quite disappointed.

"Some NYC watershed grand slam today...landed a bunch of rainbows...one big brown...just as I was leaving got this brookie. The end."

WTF. Can't you count? You got the wrong sport, Sport. What you just landed was a hat-trick. And my ire.

Hat tricks are great. Good on ya. But it ain't a slam. Is it nit-picky? Am I just being a doucher? Probably. But I'm OK with that.


Baulsir said…
Turns out .... You're not a total doucher!
Miss Margaret said…
maybe he's counting himself. in a grand slam, the batter counts. possibly he hooked himself, too?
FoulHooked said…
"possibly he hooked himself, too?"

One can hope.

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