The New Paradigm (or, two tasty trout recipes)

This is a long time coming, but, I just had the opportunity to try out a "new" fish recipe.

Tomatoes and Trout
Knowing I wanted to do justice to the trout I decided to keep Sunday (one filet went to my sister, the other was for Hannah and I), I went for a variation on a supposedly traditional Italian recipe. As laid out below, just use the quantities you feel comfortable with, and substitute to your heart's desire:

Fish filet, skinless - any fish will do, but, my preference is salmonid. While the recipe will probably hold up to meatier fish like tuna or swordfish, and is undoubtably outstanding with most any white fish, I think it really shines with the pink and orange.

Tomatoes - ripe plum if available, in quantity to roughly balance the same amount of fish, diced.
Garlic - FRESH minced
Onions - any mild onion, chopped or quartered (I used white pearls)
Capers - to taste
Olives - kalamata (or green or any other variety, if you prefer), pitted and halved or chopped
Parsley and/or cilantro and/or any other herb to taste (I kept it simple with just cilantro)
Coarse ground black pepper
Kosher salt (sparingly)

Prepare and combine "dressing," and drizzle and mix in a little olive oil and dry white wine (sauv blanc is my favorite). Prepare a baking dish (pyrex or stone preferably) with a little olive oil followed by a light sprinkling of black pepper and salt. Lay filet(s) over olive oil, salt and pepper, and cover with dressing. Drizzle some more wine over the top and bake at 450-475 until the fish flakes (approx. 20 minutes for 1 lb of fish).

This is my new favorite fish recipe. Bar none. For sides I went with a whole grain wild rice mix and green beans lightly sauteed in oil, salt, pepper, and of course, fresh garlic, with sliced almonds added in at the end. It was a garlic heavy meal, but the fish still came through, and it got even better with every bite. Hannah said it was good, but apparently didn't enjoy it as thoroughly as I. I'm OK with that.

Default Rub
For times when the time, effort or ingredients just aren't at hand, I will still stick with my all-time, all-food, default rub. It's easy, it invariably cooks quickly with fish, and I nearly always have some laying around. Think barbecue and you're halfway there. Just use more sparingly (i.e. sprinkle) on fish than you would on chicken, beef, pork...

For bbq, I go with the half-sweet, half-savory/spicy method;
Sugar - brown or dark brown sugar, to equal total of all other ingredients
Chili Powder - 4 parts
Garlic Powder - 2 parts
Onion Powder - 2 parts
Dried Mustard - 1 part
Ground Cumin - 1 part
Coarse Black Pepper - 1 parts
Ground Cayenne Pepper - sparingly, to taste
Kosher Salt - 1-2 parts
Use your imagination...add anything you like (or just have laying around), and keep in mind measurements are meaningless, put in as much as you want.

For fish, hopefully you have a cast iron skillet. Really, you can prepare it however you want, but I prefer to pre-heat a cast iron skillet with a healthy coating of oil under the broiler, coat both sides of the filet with rub, lay in skillet and place back under broiler until done, usually only a couple of minutes.


Flying Ties said…
Excellent recipes. I think Chicken would actually fall nicely into the first one, as well as the fish you mention.

Photos? Proof? C'mon.

Also, that rub is almost identical to what my father in law uses on chicken, and its amazing.

Trout? I prefer to simply salt/pepper/oil, put it in an aluminum foil pan, and hot smoke it using mesquite chunks soaked in a Bourbon of some kind (cheap liquor store variety works just fine). A little more rustic, but quick and delicious.
Miss Margaret said…
butter, lemon, salt

how did we end up like this when we come from the same dinner table and genes?
_gamma_ray_ said… is an Italian recipe, Gram has it in her box, and, btw, we use a similar one for the Christmas Eve Cod, just add potatoes.

Thanks for the fillet, I ended up using a lemon/caper/dill dressing on it. So delicious.
FoulHooked said…
well...just how traditional can tomatoes and spanish olives (in the recipe i saw online) be for italy...?

you're welcome

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