"Banning logging and fishing...

...would be conservation done wrong, because of a lack of vision."

See? Not all environmental advocacy groups are off their rocker.


Flying Ties said…
AH, Mendocino county.

I whole heartedly agree with everything they're saying in that article. Mendocino county was not only fished out (used to be a huge fishing industry, most of the towns surviving only when the fish were running and ghost towns the rest of the time), but logged out. To go there and see the enormity of the forests in the heart of redwood country, then to hear stories from older folks about how just over 50 years ago all those forests you are looking at were nothing more than grass fields filled with stumps, really drives the point home on responsible logging and responsible environmental considerations as a whole.

I absolutely loved Mendocino county and its good to hear that the fishing is being successfully revived. We were there just over 2 years ago and even then the locals said that the fishing wasn't what it used to be. Of course, they were keeping their secrets, but you could see on their faces that it was more true than they were letting on.

Thanks for the post
FoulHooked said…
It also goes to show you that all it takes (and the only thing that will allow) for sustainable population recovery is habitat restoration. Play the stocking game all you want, but if wild populations are your goal, it's all a waste of time and money without fixing the original problem.

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