No, I haven't been fishing. Weekend before Christmas would have been perfect to get out a bit...but of course, for procrastinators like myself, there was much more urgent business to attend to. Alas, I am now wondering if I will ever have a chance to get out this winter. This coming weekend too had looked promising...but the break in weather has now been pushed all the way back to next week.

It's a new year. That means spring is not too far off. If my count is right, 15 weeks untill open trout season. Of course, I plan on hitting some special reg. areas at ice-out, but with fickle weather, work deadlines and social callings (two of those weekends will require my attention be focused on addressing my Irish side), Spring will be upon us in no time. That means opportunities remaining for winter browns are very limited. Every rose has it's thorn ....

So how were your holidays? Get anything good? Ok, don't really care what you got, but I do have a question for you...what should I get with my $75 gift card to LLBean (thank you sister)? Now that I have a head start, I know I need something, question is, WHAT?
-New waders & boots?
-Folding binoculars or spotting scope?
-Tying equipment?
-Hiking boots?
-New, longer 3 wt.?
-New snowshoes?
-New fly boxes?
The needs (options?) are limitless...the funds are not. Help me.


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